If you feel that l might be the right fit for your ceremony, or you would like to catch up to get know me a little more, then this is what you need to do....

1. Get in touch with me through the contact page and give me as much information as you can about your “dream” wedding -the style, the location, the size, your personalities and your thoughts on your special day.


2. Let’s catch up over a coffee or a glass of bubbles so that we can discuss your ideas about your dream ceremony.

If it is not possible to catch up in person we can do this over the phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

3. If you’re happy with our initial meeting we can confirm your booking. You will be required to pay a booking fee to secure your time and date.

4. We will then arrange another meeting to complete your Notice of Intended Marriage [NOIM] document [this needs to be completed no earlier than 18 months and no less than 1 month before your special day ]and further discuss your ceremony.

I can give you lots of examples of vows, readings ,ring exchanges and suggest some rituals which you might like to include in your ceremony -we will then have a better idea about the style of ceremony you would like to have.

5. About 4 weeks before the wedding day I will send you a draft of your ceremony so that you can review it and let me know of any changes that you would like to make.

If you want to arrange a rehearsal of the ceremony, just let me know-it might help calm your nerves and make you feel confident about your special day.

On your special day you can be assured that I will be there in plenty of time, to make sure that everything is set up as you want it to be. I can liaise with the venue and your other chosen suppliers to ensure that your wishes and dreams for that day come true.